sensual exotic massage

​​​My Unique Style of Service

I not only love my job but I'm extremely enthusiastic about it as well and it shows. My name is Dena. I stand a curvaceous 6ft tall with long silky legs and a 36D cup size. I've been doing this for many years still looking forward to working every day. I enjoy and am honored to take care of each and every client that walks through my private studio door...thank you for choosing me. I am professional and a smart business woman. I won't play games or ever try to hustle you. I ALWAYS deliver as promised (and more) and with the upmost of client satisfaction.  I am college educated and have worked many different jobs over the years so I know what its like to work a 9 to 5 job and I appreciate that you work very hard for your money. So believe me when I say that I truly know what I'm doing and just where  and how to touch you to relieve all of your stress. I use a combination of both odorless lotion and oil to rub you down leaving no scent or oily residue because everything I do is discreet. I provide a quiet yet cozy atmosphere in a wonderful location that you might even wanna tour after you leave! But first you must experience the very best that Minneapolis has to offer...ME!  I'm available 24/7 so its never too late or too early to contact me. Come have a cold brew, maybe even a couple shots from my top shelf bar, and then just lay back and let me take it from here. You're gonna love where I take you! I've been told many times that I have healing hands and I'm starting to believe it. I have been blessed with strong, yet soft and gentle hands that I totally use to my advantage. From me to you I offer you their use as a gift. This is a gift of total relaxation and retreat.  


**The Exotic Body Rub

This is where my true creativity comes in. I have another table with its legs removed so that it lays on the floor and its extremely comfortable. With this unique massage I am on the table with you creating a continual body-to-body experience. Here, I also start with washing your feet and slowly massage them. From there I slowly massage my way up to your shoulders. Mixed into the massage is a little light touch therapy as well. I must warn you that this technique allows me to get much closer to you and gives me better angles. Because of this, its a very intimate. When I finally reach your back I will be laying on you and slowly sliding around  as I use both chest and hands to accomplish my mission...pleasing you.

Half Hour - $60

70 Minutes - $90

100 Minutes - $140 (backside & front legs, chest, and shoulders)

2 Hours - $200 (backside & front legs, chest and shoulders)


WARNING: If you choose to either use explicit language or to ask for a discount of my already extremely low and more than reasonable prices, your call will be promptly disconnected and that's a promise!