sensual exotic massage

1. Please do your best to be on time.

2. Clip your toe nails. I give a very in depth foot massage and it hurts being sliced up by toenails. Of course most men don't pay as much attention to their feet as we women do, and its all good...that's what I'm here for. Don't worry if your feet are a little rough because I kinda expect that when you've been working on them all day. All that I ask is that your toenails are manageable. They don't have to be fancy, just make sure those puppies aren't sharp.

3. Be clean. Often times clients are coming straight from work and it's not a problem. If you need it, you are more than welcome to use my shower just let me know this when you call to book appointment.

4. Last but not least, come with a pleasant attitude. I cannot stress enough how important this is. If you're having a bad day, I'm here to make it better so please don't take it out on me. No matter how bad it is, I will make sure you leave with a smile.