sensual exotic massage



Okay, here's the page where I decided to have a little fun. I feel it's a true depiction of my sassy personality and very informative. This has been written for entertainment purposes...enjoy! 

Question: Are you now, or have you ever been a man?

Answer: I could ask you the same question, dude. I gave birth to 3 boys so what does that tell you? I'll let YOU figure that one out.

Question: Do you have an age requirement of your clients?

Answer: Yes. I prefer my clients to be of an upscale mature age. These men seem to have more worldly experience and therefore appreciate my true value. The older the berry the sweeter the juice. I have accepted clients of a younger crowd, but NEVER any minors, and rarely under age 25.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?

Answer: I love to write, I'm addicted to music, and I love going to a good sushi bar. I also love bike riding, long walks around Calhoun lake, and cooking (F.Y.I. this lady right here can make a mean tender pot roast, southern fried chicken, and succulent Salisbury steak!). 

Question: So what do you like to do for relaxation?

Answer: Give an intimate massage. Doing this is very therapeutic for me and I really don't consider it to be work at all. I like to dim the lights, play some Enya, Sade, or Yani, light an incent, and then get lost in the mood. 

Question: What separates you from the other massage therapists?

Answer: Besides the fact that I'm the only one including a heavenly foot massage, there's the most important fact which is that I truly care about and appreciate each and every one of my clients. They are not just a dollar sign that I rush in and out so that I can move on to the next one. I love to pamper them and treat them like the kings they are.

Question: Why are your prices so low?

Answer: Because I charge what I feel is fair and not what I feel I can get away with; this keeps my prices very reasonable. I would rather charge a fair price and have you wanna come back then to charge through the roof and only see you once. I feel that's just good business. My prices have gone up by $10 due to my new overhead, but they are still the lowest on Back Page.

Question: How long have you been doing sensual massage?

Answer: Several years and I plan to continue doing it until my hands can no longer perform the task. I was on Backpage when most of these other girls were posting on Craigs List (Craigs List hobbyist were never my type of preferred clientele) and I'm still here so you know I'm authentic.  

Question: You seem to have a lot of skills so what's your favorite thing to do with your clients?

Answer: Now that's a loaded question. All I'm gonna say to that is that I like to have fun so it all depends on the mood. I do so love the art of visual seduction as well as a good conversation so just lay back, relax and we can take it from there.